Spring Dirt Cups

We all know kids love playing in the dirt, so let's go ahead and make it tasty! With Wet Ones on hand, life is nothing but delicious, no matter how messy it gets!

Here’s what you’ll need:

• 2 cups cold milk
• 1 package instant chocolate pudding
• 1 8 oz. container frozen whipped topping (thawed)
• 1 package chocolate sandwich cookies
• Gummy worms
• Sealable sandwich bags
• Clear 8 oz. plastic cups (it’s important that the cups are clear so you can see the ‘dirt’)


1. Prepare instant pudding in a large bowl according to directions on pack. Put in fridge to thicken while you prepare the ‘dirt’ (about 5 minutes).
2. This is the part that is super fun for the kids. Put a handful of cookies in sealable sandwich bags. Squeeze the air out of the bags before sealing so they don’t pop. Give kids a rolling pin and let them roll it over the cookies to crush them. If you don’t have a rolling pin, pounding with your hands works, too! Transfer the crushed cookies to a separate bowl and repeat until all the cookies are crushed. It’s OK if you eat one or two along the way.
3. Mix the whipped topping and 1/2 of the crushed cookies into the pudding mixture. Don’t worry if the pudding isn’t fully thickened yet.
4. Transfer mixture into plastic cups (fill about 2/3 full). Top with a thin layer of the crushed cookies and garnish with the gummies.
Now would be an ideal time for a Wet Ones break, as the gummy worms can be sticky little buggers.
5. Put it in the fridge for about 1 hour to chill, and enjoy!

Tip: You'll want to keep the Wet Ones handy for when the kids dig in, too. There's nothing more fun than digging in the ‘dirt’ for worms!

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