About Us

Who We Are

For nearly 5 decades, Wet Ones® has been right there by your side, offering easy and convenient solutions to keep clean no matter where you are. Throughout the years, we have strived to make products that allow people to live life to the fullest, knowing they can wipe away germs and messes even when soap and water aren’t nearby. We know your needs are always changing, which is why Wet Ones is constantly innovating and evolving to bring you more solutions for keeping hands clean at home or on-the-go.

Our Commitment to You (and Your Skin)

We don’t just want to make products that clean hands; we want to make products that care for your hands. Whether it’s our antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer or sensitive skin wipes, all Wet Ones products share one common bond –they are made with quality ingredients that won’t leave your skin feeling dry.

Our Mission

As America’s #1 Hand Wipe Brand2, it’s our duty to create products you can trust and rely on –products that allow you to fully enjoy all of life’s moments. From our smallest pocket size singles to our convenient travel packs and canisters, our hand wipes are known for being great for at home or on the go. Now, with the addition of our hand sanitizer, our full lineup allows you to always have Wet Ones within reach no matter what your preference. Because it’s time we got back to doing the things we love, and with Wet Ones by your side (or in your pocket), anything is possible.

2 #1 claim based on scan data for 52 weeks ending 6/19/21