Hand Hygiene At Work

Are you back in the office yet? Millions of people who have been working at home through the pandemic are beginning to return to their familiar workplaces, for one, two or even five days a week.

On those first days back at your desk, it’s important to remind yourself not only how the coffee machine works and where the copier paper is kept, but to create a new in-office hand hygiene routine. Keeping your hands clean has always been important, but how many of us can really say we were taking enough care around hand hygiene before the pandemic began? Think of all the places you touch around the office in between washing your hands - you wouldn’t believe the bacteria that can thrive on a computer keyboard, door handle, or in the office kitchen. 

There are certain things that employers should provide in order to make sure your workspace is safe – like handwashing facilities with running water, soap, and hand sanitizer stations at convenient spots around the office. However, keeping your desk stocked Wet Ones is a great way to kill germs on hands in between hand washing - especially after spending time in high traffic areas. Our antibacterial hand wipes not only kill germs, but also smell great so you feel clean as well. Keep one of our canisters  at your desk, a travel pack  in your  drawer, and throw some singles in your pocket so you always have Wet Ones within reach. And if hand wipes aren’t your preferred method of hand cleaning on the go, we also make hand sanitizer in a variety of sizes that are perfect for your bag or to keep at your desk.

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