Germ Experiment

Time to get crafty about germ education! This fun science experiment from @kidssimple uses a hands-on approach to illustrate how easily germs can spread. After high-fiving over the results, everyone can wipe their hands clean with Wet Ones!

The whole family will want to lend a hand for this fun science project. Here's what you need to get started:

  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Paint
  • Droppers
  • Straws

Trace hands on white paper.

Carefully apply paint droplets to the hand prints, representing unseen germs.

Germ Fact: Did you know there are between 2 to 10 million bacteria on your fingertips and elbows? Yikes!

Now blow through the straw to simulate a sneeze. Watch how the germs spread!

Germ Fact: Did you know 1 germ can multiply into more than 8 million germs in one day? That's a lot of germs!

Kids Germ Experiment

Give those prints a high five and then see how the germs transfer to your hands.

Germ Fact: Did you know nearly 80 percent of illness-causing germs are spread by your hands? Wow!

Talk to your kids about the results! Were you surprised how easily the germs spread?

Discuss the benefits of hand washing, which is still the #1 way to remove germs from hands.

Share ways they can clean their hands when soap and water are not available.

Germ facts source: CDC, UNICEF, Med One Group 

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