AB&J Quesadilla

PB&J just got an upgrade! The AB&J quesadilla from @fitmamarealfood is about to become your new family favorite. And while you’re busy swapping out the old ingredients, why not swap out the napkin with some Wet Ones for an upgrade cleaning sticky fingers too!

Kids love this tasty twist on the traditional PB&J. And it's so simple to make! Here's all you need to get folding:

• 2 large burrito-style tortillas
• 3 tbsp almond butter (substitute sunflower butter for a nut free alternative)
• 2 tbsp jam (any flavor)
• 1 large pan or electric griddle

On one large tortilla, add the almond butter from edge to edge. Encourage the kids to really slather it on!

Next, add the jam over the almond butter and spread evenly. Place the other tortilla over the spread to sandwich in the almond butter and jam.

Heat a large pan (or electric griddle) to medium heat. Once warm, add the quesadilla sandwich and cook for 2 minutes. Flip and cook for 1–2 more minutes. You want both tortilla sides slightly crisped, and the almond butter and jam melting. Yum!

Allow the quesadilla to cool before cutting into triangles.

Wipe those sticky fingers clean with Wet Ones – and enjoy!

Tip: Our AB&J Quesadilla can be eaten warm, or you can pack it as a tasty lunch to go.

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