Getting Crafty

Canister Craft Storage

If you love to craft as much as we do, you know how disorganized and messy our crafting spaces can get. Luckily, Allison from @dreamalittlebiggerblog has the perfect solution. Better still, your empty Wet Ones canisters get a whole new second life.

What you’ll need:


Using a craft knife with a sharp blade, carefully remove the plug from your Wet Ones canister lid.

If making open-top craft organizers, flip the lid over. Follow the ring inside of the lid to cut out a clean opening.


If hanging, place the lid back onto the canister. Drill a hole through the lid and the threaded portion of the canister that is large enough to accommodate your pegboard hooks.


Print your Wet Ones Craft Organizer Insert Printable on letter-size paper (8.5” x 11”).

Trim the shape out using a pair of scissors to make a pattern. Trace the shape onto the back side of your patterned paper and cut out. The longest edge of this piece will rest along the top of your canister.


Brush a thin layer of decoupage medium inside the canister.

Now would be a great time for a Wet Ones break before moving on to the next step.


Roll your patterned paper with the longest side facing up. Place inside of the container and then smooth the paper into the decoupage medium. To seal, brush a thin layer of decoupage medium inside of the canister over the paper.

TIP: If storing items that will often be wet, like paintbrushes, create a seal by using a dishwasher-safe decoupage medium. Apply an additional stroke of decoupage medium over the seam to seal shut, and allow adhesive to fully dry.


These canisters have so many uses, like filling them full of craft supplies. For paintbrushes and taller items, use the cut-out lid; for ribbon and yarn, you can create a dispenser by threading the material through the Wet Ones cap.


Place the lids on the Wet Ones canisters, aligning the circles if hanging.

To hang, run pegboard hooks through the holes in the lid and canister.

TIP: If necessary, the angle hooks can be easily trimmed.

And there you have it—the perfect solution for keeping your crafting space as clean as your hands.